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The great trends of our humanities. Center of pure academics with a long history.

Students in collaboration departments are cultivated to deal with the technological demands on interdisciplinary studies, and to manage complex social problems due to diversification and internationalization. In the Master’s and doctorate programs of the collaborating departments, students will study combined majors such as Korean Language Education as a Second Language and Nano System Engineering.

Korean Study

M.A, Ph.D : Korean Study

Public Health

Ph.D : Public Health

Art Therapy

This education objectives of this Department is to diagnose the psychological problems of persons with mental difficulties, and then to promote their mental health by way of counselling

Korean Language Education as A Second Language

M.A, Ph.D : Korean Language Education as A Second Language

Musical Arts

The goal is to train scholars with strong academic capabilities in addition to a high level of achievement in performance, thus contributing to the arts and culture of the world

Global Business

Master degree program in Global Business is designed for applicants who wish to be the future business professionals in international businesses and multicultural non-profit organizations

Digital Convergence Business

Educational goal is ultimately to cultivate experts by implementing curriculums that meet the demands of the modern age, which require convergence knowledge

Dance Performing Art
International Development of SAEMAUL
East Asian Cultural Studies

Glocal East Asian studies, the humanistic conception of the East Asian perspective coordinated with East Asian studies, and fostering practical experts for the dissemination of East Asian cultural studies.

Technological Innovation & Entrepreneurship
Humanities And Cultural Content


Military Science

Architectural Design

Integrated Water Management