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Last 70 Years ...

Based on the capabilities accumulated for last 70 years
We are creating a greater tomorrow!

Inheriting the brilliant history of the past 70 years, we are stepping forward to another 600 years of future. A university that challenges and changes over and over for race, humanity, region and country! Making a tomorrow for Yeungnam that is filled with passion and dreams.


  • 12. 20.
    Signed an MOU with Korea Real Estate Board for collaborative efforts in local community development and social contribution
  • 12. 12.
    Signed an MOU with Gyeongbuk Development Institute to foster mutual collaboration and local community development
  • 12. 07.
    Won the “CSV·ESG Porter Award Project Effectiveness Category”
  • 11. 30.
    Signed an MOU with Daegu Public Facilities Corporation for local community development and talent cultivation
  • 11. 20.
    Signed an MOU with SK oceanplant and Yeungnam University College for cultivating talents in offshore wind power and future energy
  • 11. 15.
    Ranked 1st in the 2024 new prosecutor appointment passing rate (based on the number of law school graduates who passed the exam compared to the admission quota)
  • 11. 06.
    Signed an MOU with Gyeongbuk Credit Guarantee Foundation to improve mutual collaboration and local talent cultivation
  • 11. 03.
    Earned 4 gold, 6 silver, and 9 bronze medals at the 104th National Sports Festival
  • 10. 23.
    Established the “Lifelog Multimodal Untact Sensing Research Center”
  • 09. 27.
    Journal of Yeungnam Medical Science (JYMS) by the College of Medicine covered in the Emerging Sources Citation Index (ESCI)
  • 09. 15.
    The competition ratio increased to 6.18:1 in the 2024 admissions compared to the previous year
  • 09. 04.
    President Choi Oe-chool attained an honorary doctorate degree in Education from Western University, accredited by the Cambodian government
  • 08. 25.
    Judo Team won the group tournament and earned individual medals (1 gold, 1 silver, 1 bronze) at the 2023 Korea University Judo Federation Summer Championship
  • 08. 17.
    Signed an MOU for Implementation of 2+2 Double Degree Program between Yeungnam University and Tashkent University of Information Technologies named after Muhammad al-Khwarizmi, Uzbekistan
  • 07. 25.
    Achieved the Highest Grade “Excellent (A)“ in the Annual Evaluation of Regional Innovation Strategy (RIS) Project
  • 07. 24.
    Conferred an Honorary Doctorate to the Dr. Jim Kim Yong, the former President of World Bank Group
  • 07. 10.
    Signed an MOU with the Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology in Vietnam for the operation of the 2+2 Joint Undergraduate Program
  • 06. 27.
    2023 Leiden Ranking
    • Overall: 8th in Korea;- Mathematics & Computer Science: 1st in Korea for the 9th consecutive year;
    • Life & Earth Science: 9th in Korea;
    • Natural Science & Engineering: 17th in Korea
  • 06. 15.
    Athletics Team won the overall championship in the women's division at the ‘77th National University Athletics Championships.’
  • 06. 09.
    Ssireum Team won the ‘University Team Championship’ at the ‘15th National University Ssireum Championship.’
  • 06. 08.
    Selected for the ‘2023 SW-centered university support project’ by the Ministry of Science and ICT.
  • 06. 02.
    Signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Korea Aerospace Industries Co. Ltd. for industry-academic cooperation and talent development in the aerospace industry.
  • 05. 19.
    3 new courses were selected for the ‘2023 Korean Massive Open Online Course (K-MOOC)’ by the Ministry of Education (A total of 13 K-MOOC courses were offered as general education subjects in the 1st semester of 2023).
  • 05. 09.
    Judo Team won the ‘Team Championship’ at the 14th ‘Cheongpunggi National Judo Championship.’
  • 05. 03.
    Ssireum Team won the ‘Team Championship’ and 1 gold, 2 silver, and 1 bronze medal in individual competitions at the 1st ‘Korean Sports & Olympic Committee President’s Ssireum Championships.’
  • 04. 29.
    Hosted the ‘Chunma Family’s Alma mater Trekking Event’
  • 04. 26.
    Signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the National Archives of Hungary to promote international academic exchange
  • 04. 24.
    Research Cooperation Foundation, Daegu-si Seo-gu Office, and DYETEC Research Institute signed a Memorandum of Understanding for the establishment of the First Step Science and Technology Incubating Center and the promotion of talent development projects.
  • 04. 19.
    Built ‘Chunma Honors Park’ in honor of donors
  • 04. 13.
    Opened the 'Samsung C-Lab Outside Gyeongbuk’ and the Gyeongsan Branch of ‘Gyeongbuk Center for Creative Economy & Innovation’
  • 03. 27.
    College of Medicine's international academic journal, 'JYMS (Journal of Yeungnam Medical Science),' became the Scopus Indexed Journal.
  • 03. 01.
    Changed the name of the College of Liberal Arts to the College of Humanities
    Abolished and merged the School of Architecture (independent) into the College of Engineering
    Established the College of Software Convergence and Department of Software Convergence
    Merged the Departments of Psychology, Sociology, Media and Communication in the College of Liberal Arts, and departments in the College of Political Science and Public Administration into the College of Social Science
    Merged the College of Business and Economics and the School of Business into the College of Business, and established the Department of Industrial Management Merged the College of Design and Art and the College of Music into the College of Arts
    Changed the name of the College of Basic Studies to the Chunma College of General Studies and established the School of Liberal Studies, integrating the School of Free Major of Human Sciences
    Established the College of Global Leaders, including the School of Global Education, the School of Global Interpretation and Translation, and the Department of Global Business; Changed the affiliation of the Department of Chinese Language and Culture in the College of Liberal Arts and the Department of Saemaul Studies and International Development in the College of Political Science and Public Administration to the College of Global Leaders
  • 02. 28.
    Held the 2023 matriculation ceremony
  • 02. 23.
    Signed an MOU with the Suseong Future Education Foundation for the development of future education in local areas
  • 02. 17.
    Selected for the “Venture Startup Academy” program by the Ministry of SMEs and Startups
  • 01. 16.
    Signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the Korea Fiscal Information Service to foster local talent and promote community development in Daegu and Gyeongsangbuk-do
  • 01. 11.
    Ranked 10th among universities for producing CEOs of listed major corporations
  • 01. 02.
    Reached a regular acceptance rate of 5.96 to 1 in 2023, the highest in the university’s history


  • 12. 29.
    Yeungnam University and Daegu Metropolitan City Public Agency for Social Service signed a business agreement to spread the culture of social contribution
  • 12. 20.
    Conferred an honorary doctorate degree of international development to Deputy Prime Minister of Cambodia Yim Chhay Ly
  • 11. 14.
    Ranked 2nd in nationwide in terms of thesis citations in international academic journals in the 2023 Joongang Ilbo University Ranking
  • 11. 09.
    Launched the “YU Social Contribution Team”
  • 11. 07.
    Held an event of Chunma Trekking & Plogging to commemorate the 75th Anniversary
  • 11. 01. ~ 04.
    Held an exhibition of “College of Design and Art Professor’s Exhibition” to commemorate the 75th Anniversary
  • 10. 17.
    Ranked 16th in “2023 THE World University Rankings” in Korea
  • 10. 13.
    Won “4 Gold medals, 8 Silver medals, and 5 Bronze medals” at the 103rd National Sports Festival
  • 10. 04. ~ 28.
    Hosted an Exhibition of Ancient Literature to commemorate the 75th anniversary
  • 09. 30. ~ 01.
    Staged an opera “La Boheme” to commemorate the 75th anniversary
  • 09. 22.
    Signed a MOU with LS e-Mobility Solutions to foster human resources
  • 09. 20.
    Won the Excellence Award at the “13th Best of Champ Day Best Case Presentation Contest” by the Ministry of Employment and Labor
  • 09. 07.
    Signed an academic exchange agreement between YU and Kyungpook National University
  • 08. 25.
    Signed a MOU between Yeungnam University and the Ministry of Agriculture of Malawi to promote agricultural development and cooperation projects in Malawi through the Saemaul Movement
  • 08. 23.
    Selected 4 books from Yeungnam University Media and Press Center for “2022 Excellent Academic Books” by the National Academy of Sciences
  • 07. 14.
    Awarded Honorary Doctorate Degree to UN WFP(World Food Programme) Secretary-General David Beasley
  • 07. 04.
    No. 1 private university in noncapital region, and 7th nationwide in the list of universities that produced the top 100 CEOs in Korea in 2022
  • 06. 30.
    Established Saemaul Economic Development Department at Werabe University and signed an agreement to open the Saemaul Movement Research Center in Ethiopia
  • 06. 23.
    Yeungnam University Wrestling Team won the first overall at the 47th KBS Cup National Wrestling Competition with a total of 10 medals including 1 gold medal, 4 silver medals, and 5 bronze medals
  • 06. 22.
    Placed 6th in Korea on 2022 Leiden Ranking, 1st place in Korea for 8 consecutive years in the field of mathematics and computer, 7th in life/earth science field, 16th in natural science/engineering field
  • 05. 30.
    Selected for “High School Education Contribution University Support Project” by the Ministry of Education Selected for “2022 Basic Research Lab Support Project” by the Ministry of Science and ICT Completed Dokdo Natural Ecology Greenhouse(for growing and cultivating seeds of Dokdo native plants for the first time in the country)
  • 05. 28.
    Held a Chunma Family’s Alma mater Trekking Event to commemorate the 75th Anniversary
  • 05. 24.
    Signed a MOU between Yeungnam University and Posco Plantec to promote Industry-academic cooperation
  • 05. 24. ~ 26.
    Yeungnam University Track and Field Team won 2 gold medals, 1 silver medal, and 1 bronze medal at the 77th National University Athletics Championships Held a Blood Donation Campaign of Love to commemorate the 75th Anniversary
  • 05. 19. ~ 25.
    Held a Global Korean Speech Contest to commemorate the 75th Anniversary
  • 05. 18. ~ 25.
    Held a Global Festival(International Student Sports Festival) to commemorate the 75th Anniversary
  • 05. 17. ~ 25.
    Held the National E-Sport competition to commemorate the 75th Anniversary
  • 05. 13. ~ 25.
    Held the 75th Anniversary Ceremony and a commemorative concert with local residents. Held a photo exhibition and opened History Museum to commemorate the 75th Anniversary
  • 05. 10. ~ 11.
    Held a global forum to commemorate the 75th Anniversary(Cultivation of talents to contribute to human society)
  • 05. 02.
    Selected for the core university of the “Regional Innovation System (RIS)” by the Ministry of Education
  • 04. 27.
    Selected for the “Leaders in Industry-university Cooperation 3.0 (LINC 3.0)” by the Ministry of Education
  • 04. 22.
    Held the New Vision Declaration Ceremony
  • 04. 07.
    Yeungnam University and Gyeongbuk Women's Policy Development Institute signed an agreement for mutual exchange to foster female professionals and spread a culture of gender equality.
  • 03. 18.
    Selected for the "2022 High Value–Added Food Development Project" organized by the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs
  • 03. 01.
    The Department of Automotive Engineering in the College of Mechanical and IT Engineering changed its name to the Department of Future Automotive Engineering and the Department of Robotics and Mechanical Engineering, to the Department of Robotics Engineering.
    The Department of Family and Housing Studies in the College of Human Ecology and Kinesiology changed its name to the Department of Housing and Interior Design, and the Department of Human Service was established.
    The Graduate School of Business Administration and the Graduate School of Public Administration consolidated into the Graduate School of Business Administration & Public Administration.
    The Department of Sports Science was established in the Graduate School of Environment & Public Health Studies (the Graduate School of Sports Science closed on Feb. 28, 2022).
  • 02. 28.
    Held the 2022 entrance ceremony
  • 01. 28.
    The 1st ranked private university in the noncapital region and the 9th ranked nationwide, respectively, in the number of graduates who later became CEOs of affiliates of the country's top 30 groups


  • 12. 29.
    Yeungnam University and Daegu City held 2021 HuStar Water Industry Innovation University Participating Companies Fair
  • 11. 17.
    Ranked the 1st among Non-metropolitan area private universities and the 12th nationwide producing the most to 1000 companies CEOs
  • 10. 01.
    Yeungnam University Industry-Academic Cooperation opened an online shopping mall, ‘Yeungnam Store (http://yumall.com)’
  • 09. 30.
    Held online live broadcast, “A Policy Briefing Session to share Pending Issues at the Universities”
  • 09. 27.
    Yeungnam University Ssireum Team earned ‘1 gold, 2 silver and 2 bronze medals’ at the 35th National Cities and Provinces Intermural Ssireum Competition each
  • 09. 03.
    Selected as ‘General Financial Support University’ in University Basic Competence Assessment by the Ministry of Education in 2021
  • 09. 02.
    Ranked 18th in Korea in the 2021 THE (Times Higher Education) World University Ranking
  • 09. 01.
    Held a completion ceremony for ‘Jong-woo Lee Science Library‘
  • 07. 22.
    Yeungnam University-Korea National University of Transportation-Halla University-Hongik University Engineering Education Innovation Center, held digital twin based ‘2021 Joint Converge
  • 07. 21.
    7 books published by Yeungnam University Press Team/Faculty selected as the ‘2021 Excellent Academic Books’ by the National Academy of Sciences
  • 07. 20.
    Yeungnam University Ssireum Team won the ‘Team Championship’ and earned ‘1 gold, 1 silver and 2 bronze medals in Individual Competition’ at the 58th Presidential Cup National Ssireum Competition and the 50th National Youth Sports Competition
  • 06. 28.
    School of Architecture: Selected as ‘2021 Architectural Design Talent Development Project’ hosted by Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport (Win the largest project cost for University in Korea)
  • 06. 18.
    Industry-Academic Cooperation Foundation: Opens Gyeongsangbuk-do Urban Regeneration Support Center
  • 06. 16.
    Signs a Business Agreement with Dokdo Volunteer Forces Commemoration Foundation for education to strengthen Dokdo's territorial sovereignty and activation of international public relations
  • 06. 03.
    Selected as ‘University-Focused Research Institute in the Field of Science and Engineering in 2021’ by the Ministry of Education: Information and Communication Research Institute and Life Science Research Institute(As of 2021, Secures 7 University-Focused Research Institutes)
  • 06. 02.
    2021 Leiden Ranking: 14th in Korea, Mathematics & Computer science field: 1st in Korea for seven consecutive years, Life & Earth Science field: 8th in Korea, and Natural Science and Engineering field: 23rd in Korea
  • 05. 27.
    Signs an International Agreement with Ministry of Industry and New Technology of Tajikistan to train global talent
  • 05. 21.
    Signs a Mutual Business Agreement with Daegu Foundation for Culture and TBC Cultural Foundation for the development of local culture and arts and activation of multicultural communities
  • 05. 18.
    Selected as ‘2021 University Sports Department Evaluation and Support Project’ hosted by the Korea University Sport Federation (Baseball, Soccer, Judo, Korean Wrestling, Wrestling, Track and Field)
  • 05. 13.
    Selected 3 new courses for ‘2021 Korean Massive Open Online Course (K-MOOC)’ by the Ministry of Education (Operates 11 K-MOOC Liberal Arts Courses in the second semester of 2021)
  • 05. 03.
    Holds the Appointment Ceremony for Mentoring Faculty for new and transfer international students in 2021 Yeungnam University Law School: Ranked No.2 nationwide for the 10th Bar Examination Pass Rate (Based on the number of students admitted to the 10th Law School)
  • 04. 22.
    Signs a Business Agreement with Gyeongsangbuk-do and Saemaul Globalization Foundation to share a Saemaul movement experience
  • 04. 20.
    Holds the “Joint Cooperation Ceremony” with Student Council, Faculty Assembly, Labor Union and Alumni Association for overcoming the university's exist crisis and sustainable development
  • 04. 15.
    Signs a Business Agreement with the Daegu Gyeongbuk Environment Headquarters of the Korea Environment Corporation to prevent chemical safety accidents in university labs
  • 03. 01.
    Major of Chemistry and the Major of Biochemistry in the School of Chemistry and Biochemistry, College of Natural Sciences: Integrated into the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
    Department of Forest Resources and Landscape Architecture, College of Life and Applied Sciences: Divided into the Department of Landscape Architecture and the Department of Forest Resources
    Major of Painting and the Major of Trans Art in the School of Fine Arts, College of Design and Art: Divided into the Department of Painting and the Department of Trans Art Evening Programs: Closed
    Major of Policy Science in the Chunma Honors School, College of Basic Studies: Closed
    Department of Aeronautical Science and Flight Operation in the Free Major of Human Sciences, College of Basic Studies: Closed
    Public Policy Leadership Major: Established(30 students)
  • 02. 24.
    School of Architecture: Selected as the “Best Department” in the “Industry University Accreditation 2020” by the Ministry of Education and the Korean Council for University Education (selected in 2012, 2016, and 2020)
  • 02. 01.
    Inauguration of the 16th University President, CHOI Oe-chool, Ph.D.
  • 01. 14.
    Yeungnam University Medical Center: Holds the “Opening Ceremony” for remodeling of intensive care unit and operating room
  • 01. 14.
    Holds an Awards Ceremony for the 2021 Yeungnam University Departments Introduction Video Contest: 64 Departments, 219 Teams and 657 students participated Posts submitted works on the official YouTube Channel