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“Excellent choice of YU by Class '23, Let’s prepare for the future!” N

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  • Date : 2023.03.08 10:38
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Held admission ceremony and various welcome events for 5,000 YU freshmen in Gyeongsan Gymnasium on the 28th

Congratulatory video messages by Assembly Member JU Ho-young and national soccer player SON Jun-ho, etc.

Enhancement of expectations for campus life and inspiration of new students to feel the sense of belonging to and love of their school

[February 28, 2023]


<YU’s 2023 admission ceremony (Gyeongsan Gymnasium)>

 At 2:00 pm on February 28th, about 5,000 Class 2023 freshmen gathered at the campus of YU (President CHOI Oe-chool). YU held admission ceremony and congratulatory events for 2023 freshmen. 

 The YU freshmen gathered in groups, took buses prepared by the university, and moved to the Gyeongsan Gymnasium where the admission ceremony was held. The off-line entrance ceremony was held after a long time and the Gyeongsan Gymnasium was fulfilled with the heat of a festival.

 In the pre-ceremony events started at 2:30 pm before the official admission ceremony, YU freshmen opened the gate of the admission ceremony with vocal music and by learning school song with seniors. Before starting the admission ceremony, Senior Vice Chairman KIM Gwan-yong of the Advisory Council for Democratic and Peaceful Unification, Assembly Member JU Ho-young, Governor LEE Cheol-woo of Gyeongsangbuk-do, Mayor JO Hyeon-il of Gyeongsan-si, and national soccer player SON Jun-ho, etc. from all walks of life in Korea sent congratulatory videos and telegrams and received ovations.

<Freshmen are learning school song in YU’s 2023 Freshman Admission Ceremony>

 In the admission ceremony, Chairman HAN Jae-sook of Yeongnam School Corporation, President CHOI Oe-chool of YU, and major staff of the university participated with more than 5,000 YU freshmen and congratulated them. At 3:00 pm, about 5,000 YU freshmen started their first official event with declaration of admission permission by President CHOI Oe-chool of YU and oath of admission by the representatives of freshmen.

<Representatives of freshmen swear an oath of admission in front of President CHOI Oe-chool (Left)>

 Chairman HAN Jae-sook said in her encouragement words, “I welcome the freshmen along with all the Cheonma Family Members of Yeongnam School Corporation. YU has fostered over 250,000 national revivalists under the founding spirit of its founder, former President PARK Chung-hee. I hope that freshmen will continue their status and reputation as a prestigious private school. Today, the freshmen stood at a new starting point to devote themselves to greater studies. I hope you all have big dreams and hopes and great aspirations to become global leaders in your respective fields.”

 President CHOI Oe-chool said in his welcome words, “I welcome the freshmen for becoming the proud Cheonma Family Members. We are living with recent rapid changes in scientific technology and social culture. Capabilities and expertise that are quite different from previous ones are asked by society. The endeavors for creativity, ethics, critical thinking, sharing, and service will become your competitiveness. Only prepared young people will have future opportunities. YU will provide education to cultivate talents who will lead advanced Korea to a dignified society and to contribute in common prosperity of mankind. You freshmen at this place today will become the protagonists.” 

 YU held a welcome party for the freshmen as the second part of the event. Starting with the relay congratulatory videos of students and staff produced by the students of UBS, YU education broadcasting, various events including vision performances containing the developmental direction and educational philosophy of YU and congratulatory performances prepared by college students welcomed the freshmen. Hip-hop singers Youngji and HAN Yohan stepped up to the final stage of welcome party and received a great response from the freshmen. 

 KIM Seo-yeon (1st Grade of Department of Computer Engineering) swore the admission oath and said, “It’s very meaningful for me to swear the admission oath as the representative of the freshmen in the admission ceremony of the university. I expect the campus life as such many seniors and professors prepared diverse events and welcome us. I’d like to enjoy my campus life with the sense of belonging to and love of the school as a student of YU.”